Luxurious Multimillion Dollar Homes in the Hollywood Hills

Although there are many places where you could decide to purchase a home in, one of the most ideal destinations is Los Angeles because of its rich heritage, celebrity lifestyle and affordability. On the Sunset Strip in Hollywood Hills, there are many multimillion dollar homes you could choose from. While you may feel such houses are somewhat expensive, remember that every need of yours can be met from such a house.

On average, homes in Hollywood Hills usually have a living area of 4000 to 6000 sq.ft. and a variety of rooms including a bar, dining room, gym, study, living room, sauna, dining room, basement, wine cellar, foyer entrance, media storage room, offices, libraries and also a pantry or storage room. Complete with central air cooling and floors that are made of marble or even glossed concrete, you are assured that such a home would be able to meet every requirement or whim of yours. At the same time amenities such as gas, a fireplace, garages with parking for nearly 20 vehicles, garbage dispensers, refrigerators, phone systems, intercoms, dryers and even a dishwasher are provided. Many have elevators and helipads for those special guests.

The manner in which such Hollywood Hills homes are built is mainly to provide you with a magnificent view of the entire strip of Los Angeles. There are also outdoor patio furniture and large swimming pools that you can use should you have guests over. Irrespective of what you want or what you are searching for, you can be sure that a Hollywood Hills home would be able to provide it to you.

And if you can’t find the home of your dreams you can always built one. The key is to find the perfect parcel, that will allow you to design a home you will love. Is is a great alternative as many time it is actually a great investment not only do you have a great home that you love but also have built in equity as soon as you finish the construction.